Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Book Review Isn't Happening

Well it turns out the 4-Hour Work Week is more get rich quick than productivity.  Also, I had to return it to the library yesterday and I was only half way through, so that review probably won't happen.  The book did have some interesting ideas though, and I really like the idea of outsourcing all of my email to an assistant in India who can tell everyone, "No, I don't have time to meet with you.  No, I can't tell you how well your proposal is positioned.  No, I won't price an HSA plan you have no intention of implementing."

I'm really hammered this week at work, so the posting might be a bit light.  I'll try to do something at lunch today if I get a chance.  Blogging is much harder than I anticipated, but then again I've spent over an hour drafting a 3 sentence email, so maybe I need to stop obsessing over my writing and just get it out there.

Hopefully you're having a better week than me.  Oh, and the comments are now working, so if you have an Excel question please fire away.


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